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About ENT


We have established Ent Maritime together with my colleague Murat Onay and myself M.Zafer Arkan to offer ship agency services and port operation services based on our
28 years of experience and reliable past performances in running the Port Operations with
Anadolu Shipping Inc. discipline .

Our aim is to render a high quality service which is adaptable to the changing conditions
and developments of our business.

My management profession related to agency and port operation that I started as of the year of 1974 continued in Anadolu Shipping Inc. after the year of 1982.


Anadolu Shipping Inc. has been agency of companies such as respectively Nah Ost Gemeinschaft, Deutsche Nah-Ost Linien, Hamburg Sud, KNSM, Ellerman, Nakamura Steamship, Gilvani, Canada Maritime, Scandutch Nedlloyd and P&O Nedlloyd companies and has obtained great successes.


24 Year Port Operation Directorate duty, which I performed at  ports such as Haydarpaşa Port, Dilovası Port, Ambarlı Port and other ports  in name of my company starting in the year of 1982 through the first container vessel of  Anadolu Shipping Inc. and ending through its last vessel in March of the year of 2006,  was ended by the fact that P&O Nedlloyd (a Maritime Company for which we carry out Agency duty) was purchased by Maersk Shipping Company (a Maritime Company). 


By basing on our reliable background about agency and port operation that is carried out by means of my experience dating back to long years and my disciplined studies, owing to our determination to render services which have high quality and which comply with developing conditions, I and my workmates established ENT Denizcilik Nakliyat Konteyner Hizmetleri ve Su Ürünleri Ticaret Limited Şirketi (ENT Maritime Shipping Container Services and Water Products Trade Limited Liability company) in the year of 2006. Owing to the quality services that we rendered during such a process, our company started its development process by having satisfactorily completed the initial process. Good and long-term relations with both harbour operation managements and other companies present in the industry and our reliability provided our company with great contributions during the initial process.


Our Agency services include services such as Vessel Operations which start from the vessel preliminary preparations and which end through vessel departure reporting, All Sorts of Preliminary Area and Other Area Services, Marketing and Sale Services that we carry out in name of companies with which we cooperate and in line with their benefits, Services that both comply with laws and our benefits before relevant bodies and  are rapid ones, Acting and producing and developing proposals  in line with Newly Developing terms of the current day, Monitoring closely Customs and Port Authorities and legislation.


Companies that we cooperate and that our references are as follows; Unimar Lojistik (www.unimar.com.tc), Belstar(ZİM)(www.belstar.com.tr) , Element Uluslararası Nak, UPS(www.ups.com.tr), SCS Uluslararası Nak., Kuzey Uluslararası Nak., Oyka Kağıt Ambalaj(www.oyak.com.tr), Schenker Arkas(www.schenkerarkas.com.tr), Irka Uluslararası Nak., Yakındoğu Deniz(www.yakindogu.com.tr), TGL Transtaş Global Lojistik (www.transtas.com.tr)


Yours Sincerely,